Thursday, April 8, 2010

157 and The Dairy Queen Wall

There are lots of things I'd like to share with you tonight so please hang on for the ride..

Remember this post about Casa Xochiquetzal?  Through that post and talking with friends so many people have wanted to help send a care package to these women!  Its incredible how generous people are and if by chance you are that special person reading this, please know I am so so thankful for you.  Goodness people are nice. We've collected soaps, shampoos, hair supplies, nail polish and other fun things . Hopefully we're well on our way to making these women feel beautiful and maybe, just maybe get them off the streets.

I would love to visit this house one day to tell them how many good people there are that care about them and their story.  I'm sending the package off next week so if there is anyone else by chance that would like to contribute, please let me know!

Look at this face.

This is my new nephew Collin Jack Kisat.  Isn't he beautiful?  He was born with a full head of dark hair, beautiful skin and the perfect little fingers and toes.  I believe he's going to be a tall boy and is the spitting image of his big brother Noah.  Good job Courtney and Jay on creating one of the most beautiful babies on earth (and I'm not even biased).  He's already developed some pretty funny facial expressions as well.  I'm a fan.

While at home last weekend, Dan and I stopped at the local Dairy Queen.  This stop is a crowd favorite amongst friends and family.  This particular Dairy Queen is a special one because its walk up only, only open when its warm out and includes the infamous "wall" to sit on to eat your ice cream.  Some friends and I have been talking a lot about our "story".  I have to say this Dairy Queen fits into my story.  This delicious hang out was where my mom had her first kiss, I had my first date, where my friends and I would sit for hours eating ice cream and people watch (make fun of people, oops).   It was also nice that the movie theatre was just down the street and Winston the bagel man was always there with his bagel cart and unintentional inappropriate jokes.  I love going home to remember these moments and I love it even more when I get to share it with both of my loves...Dan and Chloe.

Finally, (I feel like I'm writing a theme for my 4th grade English class), maybe you remember this post about giving $157 of my Africa trip money?  Well tonight that $157 showed up in the most unexpected and perfect way.  Thank you friend...

ok, goodnight.


  1. I tried my best to post a comment!
    Let's see if it "took".
    I'm dying to hear the DQ story connected to
    the mystery money story.

    Mom :)

  2. Also: please give me more info about the
    Mexico connection--I want to contribute!!

    (I think this works if I call myself
    "Anonymous".) Go figure!

    Anonymous Mom :)