Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casa Xochiquetzal

Most of my philanthropic time is spent focusing on children, specifically orphans from Africa and our 4-legged dog friends.  Little did I know that a group of elderly prostitutes from Mexico City would consume my mind.  Before you read on, I'm asking that you take a few minutes to watch these two videos.  Its about a home in the darkest streets of Mexico City that houses elderly prostitutes.  Some still work the streets and others have chosen to sell other things like candy and cigarettes to make a few dollars.  One woman in particular stole my heart, Maria Canela.

Please watch part 1 and 2:

This is Maria Canela:

When she was only 16, her step-father abused her and her mother became really ill.  She was forced by her family to start working as a prostitute to provide for her family.  Throughout her lifetime, she provided for her mother, her sister and her daughter.  The saddest part of the story is that she was never thanked.  I realize its an uncomfortable industry to be "thanked" for, but imagine sacrificing your human decency for your family and to never be thanked?  To never be visited now that she's older? She spent a whole lifetime degrading herself to what she thought was the best way to provide for her family.

I've spent some time trying to find the address of this home so I could send a care package and a thank you card to Maria.  So far I haven't been able to find the address but I have sent a few emails to people in Mexico asking for help. Ha.

Its crazy how life works out. I originally was supposed to go to Kenya to work with orphans and was unbelievably excited about it.  Now, I'm going to Ethiopia to work with women coming out of prostitution and the street boys who are children of prostitutes.  Who knew my new found interest would lead to an opportunity to actually work with these women?



  1. Bethie-did you know Bill Smith's wife Derri is very involved in anti-human trafficking efforts? She might be a good source of info. Email me and I will give you her contact info. Love your blog BTW...xoxo jenny

  2. Hi Jenny! Thanks for letting me know! I think I knew that at one time but completely forgot about it. She would be a great resource. I just added Bill on Facebook so maybe I can contact her through that :)


  3. Thanks, Beth, for having such a heart for service ministries. You've touched so many lives through ripple effects alone! Our women's group at church has picked up the cause and we're going to use mostly your info
    as a springboard in order to begin educating others and making
    this our focus for awhile. Again, it all goes
    back to you--thanks for educating us.