Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update from Casa Xochiquetzal!

Hi friends!

After watching the videos on Casa Xochiquetzal, I had to find the contact information for this organization.    I wrote 10 different emails (in broken Spanish) to people in Mexico who might have been able to put me in contact with the director of the house.  I finally reached the director, Rosalba, and she contacted me back!  I asked her questions about Maria (featured in my last blog) and if there is any type of donations they specifically need and here is her response:

Dear Ms. Beth, thank you very much your words, the truth is that if my job is wonderful, but a job is a mission for my time in this life since I met the project I loved him and hope it is an eternal love we would love to have more women in this house and replicate the model in as many places that need help.
Cinnamon, as you saw in this video is also an older woman is a sick woman who uses a permanent oxygen, this oxygen generator rented so that the equipment is very expensive to buy. you can send whatever you want to the following address if you would like to join the network of donors that we are building also sent the account number of the association and thanks for your mail and want to provide help, be assured that your contribution will be used in the best manner and to cover basic needs of the inhabitants of the house. I remind you that your donation may be tax deductible.
any information please contact me and we'll be attending.
Rest assured that this act begins a chain of favors for all of us and come back in blessings for you and your family.
So now starts the fun part...making care packages!  Would anyone be interested in making care packages with me... if anyone reads this? :)  In the video a few women say they still work the streets to be able to buy shampoo and soap.  I thought about sending soap, shampoo, nail polish and things that make a woman feel pretty.  If anyone would like to help, please please contact me.  I'd like to send this package by the end of this week or next week.  If you would like to send a letter or care package on your own, here is the address!

Casa Xochiquetzal, Mujeres, Xochiquetzal en Lucha Por Su Dignidad, A.C.
Torres Quinetero No. 14,
Col. Centro, Del Cuauhtemoc, C.P 06020


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