Thursday, February 4, 2010

Season of Love

Happy February!

I have to admit, February is usually one of my least favorite months of the year.  This February however, has been very good to me.  Through fundraising for my Kenya trip, I have felt generosity that has completely touched my heart and brought me several times to tears.  Its amazing the support and love you can experience when you reach out to those you know.

I thought I'd share a specific instance that still leaves me in awe and I hope by this story, I in no way bring "glory" to myself.  At the beginning of January, I signed up for my Kenya trip and was in full speed ahead mode to raise money for my trip.  I sent out support letters and opened my vintage clothing store, Bid Me Wings.  The first couple days I had some success and I was on my way to achieving, although no where near, my first financial deadline to submit $1,100.  3 days later, the massive earthquake in Haiti hit.  Images of collapsed buildings, death and sickness were all over the television.  That night as I lie in bed, I couldn't stop thinking about Haiti and I thought I needed to somehow contribute and help.  The number $157 came to mind.  Crazy I know.  I couldn't stop thinking about this number.  I woke up the next morning and $157 was the first thing that came to mind.  The next couple days I tried to forget about this and focus on my trip...however this magic number would not leave my mind or my heart.  I soon donated the $157 to Mercy Corps, which happened to be half of what I had obtained for my trip.

Two days after I donated the money, I received a letter from my home church in Anna that they would support me and donated $1, first financial deadline amount.

Sometimes its hard to give when it feels like you have little...or even when you have a lot.  I hope this encourages you when you feel that tug at your heart to follow through and trust that when you give, you truly will receive.


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