Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Vintage?

Hi friends!

Why should I wear vintage clothing?  This might be a question that you may ask yourself.  I thought I'd list a few reasons why wearing vintage clothing can be fun and eco friendly!

1.  Its a fact that history repeats itself and fashion trends are no exceptions.  There always seems to be some style from the past that reinvents itself.  With vintage clothing, you are getting something that not everyone else may have. It's a one of a kind item just for you.

2. Vintage clothing lasts longer!  Most vintage clothes were made by hand and were meant to last longer since people didn't buy clothing as often.  Vintage clothes equal high quality!

3. Wearing vintage clothing instead of newly manufactured clothing is recycling. With an average of 11.8 million tons of clothing per year getting thrown away (thank you about.com), your conscious can rest easy knowing from head to toe, you'll be going green!

Stay tuned for more fun reasons to wear vintage clothing...and even tips on how to add vintage pieces to your wardrobe!


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