Friday, March 5, 2010

When alone..

...I tend to rearrange the whole house.  Or, take everything out of a room just to put it back together again (several times).  This weekend's project, the bedroom!  Its come a long way from it's hunter green ceiling and lavender walls lined with floor to ceiling mirrors to a beautiful faint gold color.  Here is some inspiration!

On a different note, my friend Katie and I just got back from one crazy and hilarious night.  We attended an amateur wrestling night at the shadiest hotel.  Think tights, masks and tag teaming.  Why did we do this you might ask?  Well, I can't put the hilarity (and pitifulness) into words so here is a picture to help explain!

yes. this happened.

Wish me luck on the bedroom make-over!

Happy Friday friends. Enjoy the weekend!


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