Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Sweet Woodbine

Happy Sunday friends!

This weekend has been filled with all things "Woodbine" so I thought I'd take some time to share with you the community that we live in.  Since Dan and I got married we have lived in the Woodbine area and we have grown to really love it here!  From the outside, most people would only see tire shops, pawn shops, get money fast shops etc.  These odd businesses do tend to fill most of Nolensville Rd up but myself and many of my fun young neighbors have began to really love this community of ours.  The culture of  Woodbine is incredible.  If  you're ever in the mood to try authentic Mexican, Ethiopian, Greek, Thai or a Turkish dish, you are in luck!

Last night I walked to a local coffee shop with a couple of my neighbors to listen to some music and to sit on their deck.  While sitting there, I took a look around and realized that maybe I actually could walk to places in my neighborhood.  These businesses were my view...which made me even prouder to be a fellow Woodbine-ette:

If you can look past the slightly scary fish on the plate, you might be able to see that La Hacienda's food looks and tastes amazing.  The owners, Mr. & Mrs. Yepez moved to Nashville  in the early 90s to open a tortilla manufacturing plant which eventually turned into opening several 'La Hacienda' restaurants throughout Nashville.  They have expanded so much that they opened a bakery, a full service butcher shop and is the heart of the Hispanic community.  They still make homemade tortillas and have over 500 businesses in several states buy their tortillas because they are so good!  I must say, they also have the BEST bakery attached next door and its so CHEAP.  What could be better?

Next door to La Hacienda is  Phonoluxe

Phonoluxe is a great local record store that has a fairly large inventory of vinyl records (we may or may not visit this store weekly).  It has been nominated for Nashville's Best Record Store because of its pack-rat mentality and rare finds.

Across the street from Phonoluxe is Hickerson Motel

How neat is that sign?  I like to imagine that at one point this cute hotel was filled with baby blue Cadillacs and women in pretty polka dot dresses.  However these days I wouldn't step foot in the motel for fear of accidentally getting involved with the drug cartel and being shipped off to Mexico.  One can dream of what it could be...

Guess who else lives in Woodbine?  Ms. Brenda Lee !

You may recognize one of her most famous songs "I'm Sorry" or "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" from the 60's (or hit movie Home Alone, ha).  She had 37 chart topping hits in the 60s with her female rockabilly country style.  She received the nickname 'Little Miss Dynamite'.  Just look at her in that picture!  I think she totally lived up to the name.

I'll leave you with these gems from Woodbine.  I suppose beauty is every where you look, even if it is stuck between tire shops and car lots.


(photos by Urban Woodchuck & Susan A's flckr account)

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  1. I MISS YOU!! and woodbine! i have so many fond memories in our little neighborhood.

    ps. i'm glad you included brenda lee. haha.