Friday, March 26, 2010

It hurt my chin syndrome.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to find a passion and stick with it for a really long time.  I feel as though my mind is always spouting off in a hundred different directions with ideas and dreams.  My whole life I’ve always been a person who has a lot of interests and dabbles with the dreams and ideas but never quite sticks with it.  For example, I quit t-ball because it was too windy.  I quit dance classes because my teacher’s voice hurt my ears. I quit violin because “it hurt my chin”. What??

2010 has been quite the opposite for me behavior wise.  However I’m starting to feel myself slip into the old habit of letting passions die down and moving my interest quickly in the other direction.  I am going to Africa.  Life dream..check.  I opened an online vintage shop.  Life dream number 2...check.  But why do I still feel somewhat discontent and yearning to do more?  I think I need to figure out how to wrangle in all these crazy ideas and focus on what I’m doing
now. I need some self discipline...or do I? 

{photo by Beca C}

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