Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friendly Arctic Printing

Happy Sunday friends!

Wow. What a beautiful day.  Spring fever has officially hit and I think just about everyone in Nashville spent the day outside.  I thought I'd post about a local screen printing company here in Nashville that happens to do amazing work!  They are called "Friendly Arctic Printing & Design".  They've definitely jumped on the "go-green" wagon (which I love) and their whole approach to printing is eco-friendly and using the gifts God has given them.  Two great things. 

Dan recently asked me to design a t-shirt for him and if you know him at know it had to have some sort of animal with human qualities!  From his mind to my hands...this is what we came up with :)



  1. Hey! Thanks for writing about us. It's always good to make new friends!

  2. that shirt is hilarious and perfect.