Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Blank Dream

A friend today asked me what my dreams and future look like. To be honest, I was pretty stumped in my tracks. I honestly haven't ever thought past my AFRICA dream. Its always been...going to Africa and soon that is becoming a reality. Up until this point, I've always had this visual of what it will look like, what it will smell like and just like you see on the Compassion International commercials, me holding babies with HIV on my lap (embarrassingly American, but true). So here I am a couple months from going to Ethiopia and not a single vision can come in to my mind. My mind has drawn a blank. The thought of this 'blankness' in my mind and inability to visualize myself in Ethiopia scares me and yet also makes me ecstatic! I have this feeling that this trip is so much more than myself (obviously) and so much more than what I could ever dream for it to be. I do believe God has specific dreams for every single person that are so much more than we can ever visualize for ourselves.

I really don't want this question to sound cheesy or like a refrigerator magnet because I very know well it could be, but what is YOUR dream? Seriously. If you don't know, maybe its time to start searching for that. As of right now my dream has become this blank canvas of a dream and I'm just holding on for the ride...

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