Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old Books and Ms. Julie Lee

I've felt like a little busy bee lately with the vintage shop!  I'm excited to start posting about all of the new additions and show you what these hands of mine have been working on.  I recently came upon a large supply of 1960's "Reader's Digest" hard back books.  They are gorgeous and each one is unique with four to five short stories and beautiful illustrations.  Here is a sneak preview as to what will be in the shop soon!

My friend Julie Lee makes incredible music and art.  I like to tell people that while listening to her music, every happy memory comes flooding back to you.  For me it brings up memories of being a little girl at my grandma's house or picking green beans in the summers with my mom.  It also makes me instantly want to start dancing with my sweet heart ...  I've posted one of my favorite songs by her below.   You can listen to her music on her website as well.  I can't help but think if the world knew her music, she'd be the next Billie Holiday sensation.

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