Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodness, I have really been slacking in the blogging department lately!  A lot has happened these past couple days.  The most important event is the birth of my new nephew!  Born on Good Friday, Collin Jack Kisat weighed 8 lbs .5 oz.  He's a big beautiful boy and I have no doubt that he'll grow to be 6'7 like his dad.  I'm going home to see him and the family tomorrow for Easter.  They'll be lucky if I release him from my arms...

Yesterday marked the beginnings of our vegetable and herb garden!  I'm feeling the pain from all the digging, tilling and shoveling.  Dad, if you're reading this, I have a new appreciation for farmers!!  We started from scratch in our backyard.  Our friends Mary and Jamie loaded up their truck with manure from southern Tennessee and brought it back to Nashville. We then spread the manure and tilled it directly into the soil.  I thought the tiller would help save some muscle but little did we know that we still had to shovel and pull up the grass!  Here are few photos from the day.  It was gorgeous out and I even got a sunburn.

Stay tuned for more progress with this garden adventure!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!



  1. Dan looks like he was just there for a photo op. Was he supervising.

  2. i am so proud of you! can't wait to visit and eat some fresh veggies!

  3. I'm massively proud of you guys! This is really hard work, but you'll love reaping the
    benefits (literally!) And, there's no therapy
    like digging in the dirt after a stressful day,
    particularly the "aromatherapy" of fresh
    mulch! Mom :)