Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ethiopia Update!

For some reason, typing the title of this blog has really hit me.  I really am going to Ethiopia!  It seems sort of as a dream at the moment with it being 3.5 months away.  We had our 4th team conference call last night and each time it gets better and better.  I tell you, its difficult talking with 11 other people on the phone, especially when you have poor phone skills like myself!  It was an exciting meeting because we discussed how exactly we want to serve these people and what type of projects we want to do with them!  As always, my mind started spinning in circles and circles and my thoughts flew every which way with thinking of all the crafts we could do with the children at the school and the women who have just been released from prostitution. 

Our team leader posted a few photos on our facebook group page of the school we'll be at the 2nd half of the trip. 

This school serves more than 250 Compassion International children and has 3 classrooms. Mocha Club is in the process of building another school that has 5 classrooms which will hold 3x as many students!  Remember folks, only $7 a month can help build and send children to school...among many other things $7 a month would do with Mocha Club!

Thank you again for all your support!!  Any prayers for safety and health would be very much appreciated!! 


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