Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, hi there!

So this is my very first blog and something I am very excited about! After a few years of being a blog reader addict and compiling folders and folders of inspiration pieces, I thought now is the time! I will start by saying if something is old and used, I will probably love it. I also love love thrift stores, flea markets and dumpster diving! I once made the joke while giving a presentation in college about dumpster diving that I give the term “trashy girl” and whole new meaning. Lets just say the joke didn’t go over well.

These days my time and joy seems to be filled with my husband (you can find him here!), making our new (actually really old, 1930) house a home, playing with my awesome dog Chloe and spending the rest of my time with family, awesome friends...and of course, scavenging for that perfect good deal!

For starters, I’ll post a few pictures that make me happy. I can't quite remember where I found all of them, in the future I'll be sure to be legal and site the source!

Welcome to “Bid me Wings”! I hope you all find something in your life that makes you happy and free that will “bid you wings” too!

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